Get Access to Hot Water Again

Request water heater repair services in Concord, CA

Your skin shouldn't be covered in goosebumps every time you wash your hands or get in the shower. If your water heater isn't doing its job, reach out to Pipe Down Plumbing for help. We're proud to provide water heater repair services for home and business owners in Concord, CA. Our skilled crew can work with any brand and offer advice as needed for your repair.

Need help with a water heater installation? We can do that too. Call or text 925-917-6151 now to discuss your needs with a member of our staff.

Learn about our 5-step water heater replacement process

Wondering what to expect when you schedule water heater repair or replacement services? When you hire us, our plumber will:

  • Diagnose your water heater
  • Fix the equipment if possible
  • Drain the tank
  • Disassemble the system and remove the water heater
  • Install the new water heater

If your equipment is broken beyond repair, rely on us to replace it. Contact us today to determine whether you need water heater installation or repair services.